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Natural Bath & Body Shop - Loofah, sea sponges, natural Greek soaps, cosmetics

Richters - Many unusual plant seeds. Vigorous growing luffa variety. International sales.

Loofah Luffa items on eBay - Sponges, seeds, soaps, and anything luffa related

Luffa Items for Sale

Luffa Seeds

Seed selling season is over until sometime around November. These are organically grown Luffa aegyptiaca heirloom seeds grown by me. They produce very good quality loofahs with denser fiber than many homegrown varieties. The outer wall has a squeezable foamy feel. This variety came from a family in south Louisiana where they've been grown for generations. This type grows slower than some varieties and is best suited for areas with 200 or more warm frost-free days. The seeds are cleaned, sorted by hand, and stored in a refrigerator shortly after harvesting. Included is a printed sheet with luffa growing instructions.

Whole Organic Luffa Sponges

Organic Loofahs grown in Tennessee. Check this page near the end of the year to see if any are available. I don't grow as many as in the past and most are sold to previous customers.

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