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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Chris Blumenstock. I am located near Elizabethton Tennessee in the Valley Forge community of Carter County. I also operate a web site at Growing Luffa vines has been a fun and interesting activity for many years now. This site began as three pages done in one weekend with the idea of selling the hundreds of loofahs I had accumulated. It has continued to grow on as a way to help others enjoy this wonderful natural material and gives me an opportunity to sell organically grown seeds.

The Luffa variety I grow is a family heirloom passed through multiple generations of a friend's family in south Louisiana. He's retired and his wife's grandma had grown these for as long as anyone living knew. It had some wild growth characteristics but the fiber was far better than any I had grown before. I have been working with careful seed selection for over 12 generations to straighten the pods and get more consistent early growth while maintaining the excellent fiber characteristics.

Thank you for visiting. Feel free to share or link to any of my pages. I enjoy the traffic.

Send e-mail to: contactus (insert@symbol)  Note: I normally ship orders and answer email within a day but I may be off-line at times, usually no longer than a day or two.


You can also visit the page on facebook and YouTube channel Luffadotinfo.


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